Pre-feasibility study with general project CCGT CHP Pančevo on area HIP Petrohemija

For needs of main designer – Slovakian company ENPI, our company was, through consortium of RNPF Serbia – the local partner of ENPI, in charge of developing design documentation, i.e. harmonization of documentation for architecture, construction, technological and mechanical design, C&I, as well as fire protection. Our partners were also ZAP (project management), Termoenergo inženjering (electricity design) and company GGE Serbia (representative of the Slovakian GGE group), that united the consortium.

Contract envisioned elaboration of the general design and pre-feasibility study, i.e. basic design and feasibility study for CCGT CHP Pančevo, capacity of 175MW, located in HIP Petrohemija area.

General design and pre-feasibility study have been completed, and project has been approved by the revision commission of the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection.

The project goal is the construction of the Co-generation plant that should provide necessary amount of heat energy for needs of the Oil Refinery and HIP Petrohemija, while the excessive energy shall be sold to the national provider. This would enable switching off boilers within HIP Petrohemija and Oil Refinery Pančevo, which would reduce the level of pollution that has for decades been one of the main problems of the city of Pančevo.

Client : NIS ad

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