About the Company

About the Company

The name of our company is synonym for high quality. Years of experience that our employees own, enables us to predict and solve all challenges that can be encountered on the way from the creation of the idea to the execution of the project.

Whether it is about our field of work or the cooperation on all levels, Duo Bacco makes success achievable and realistic, because our work contains skills, achieving deadlines and finding solutions regardless of the extent of challenges.

Since its founding, the company’s field of expertise are projects related to energy and infrastructure. However, our team of experts is ready to cope with all challenges and capable of successfully running other kinds of projects, related to large facilities, water supply and similar problems.

Building Trust with Investors

The trust is not acquired overnight and it is a value that one cannot easily lose. The majority of our investors are foreign engineering companies looking for a reliable partner for realization of the contract. As time goes by and the trust our clients have in us and our possibilities grow, investors trust us with great shares of their contract, for which we take full responsibility. Being a proficient company, ready to take up any challenge, we prove to our clients that we are a reliable partner that can professionally and capaciously execute much more then it was the initial cooperation objective. Thanks to that kind of trust, we become a permanent partner and an associate for all times.

Ready to Help In any Situation

Assisting in any situation is a quality of those who are competent. Regardless of type and amount of work, investors and partners can rely on us whenever they need help, even in those areas of work that are not in our jurisdiction. Good communication with everyone involved in a project is one of our expert team’s main priorities. Although mechanical engineering and civil construction are the fields where we solve problems promptly, we are recognized by their ability to make quick and effective way to connect the company or partners, aiming to attain the right information and the solution to a problem.

Problem Solving – A Challenge That Is Always Ongoing

Good word travels fast. As positive results of our experts’ work and a respectable number of successfully completed projects have become the best recommendation to clients, the number of cooperation offers is continuously growing. Problem solving is one of the most important criteria for accepting an adequate job. The more complex the problem, the bigger the challenge, and therefore are a stronger motivation for our experts to accept and complete a certain job in the best possible way. For that reason, the priority of our company is realistic assessment of operations that are relevant for both sides, in order to achieve high-quality work and mutual growth.

Knowing The Limits Of Capacity With Constant Tendency Of Progress

By leading projects and assisting during a project in a smart and high-quality manner, and investing a lot of effort and experience in them, we achieve results that make our investors keep coming back.

On one hand we are very aware of our current possibilities, but at the same time we know in which area we lack in experience; however, we are always willing to learn and grow. This is exactly where our advantage is, because, being focused on operations where we have been present for years, we have excellent knowledge of capacities of everyone on our market, which allows us to promptly react and to complete any task as soon as possible.

Trust Makes Contract Worthy


Our company’s philosophy is accomplishing results that satisfy all parties. In the sea of various offers, clients choose us mostly because of the fact that we will, regardless of the situation, give our best to resolve all problems and make sure the contract is realized in the only possible way – the best way. Trust is a quality that makes Duo Bacco stand out and is a key reason for procuring new jobs.

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