Designing is our second name and a challenge we are always happy to accept. In cooperation with our partners, we are able to provide design services of all kinds.

As a serious company with experienced experts, we own significant numbers of licenses for designing buildings that need permits issued by the competent ministry. Since company Duo Bacco is aiming to expand perspectives, push the boundaries of creativity and to cooperate with large number of clients, our engineers and partners have appropriate licenses for designing in the region.


The capacity of turning ideas into a good plan, and then implementing those plans into actions, has become our trademark.

The quality of cooperation with investors has made us a desirable company in the engineering field. Since one of our main priorities is constant devotion to our clients, with us you will be provided with complete engineering solutions and project documentation.

Depending on the requirements, we can offer to Clients equipment from world well known manufacturers, as well as with equipment specially made at their request.


As we have always strive to demonstrate the potentials of our country in the right way to those people that see their business in Serbia, we have gained considerable confidence in a growing number of foreign partners. We provide clients that come to Serbian market with complete consulting services in terms of legislation, regulations, norms, technical and technological solutions and other professional advice that help investors in understanding and resolving investment issues.

If you see yours and the future of your company by our side, our team of experts will help you accomplish that vision, whether it is a business in Serbia or anywhere else in the word. A good piece of advice knows no boundaries…