CCGT CHP Pančevo in Oil Refinery Pančevo

After the decision of companies ENPI from Slovakia and NIS (Petroleum Industry of Serbia) to locate CCGT CHP Pančevo in front of the Oil Refinery Pančevo, the representatives of the Slovakian company addressed us; after that the consortium was formed and we are the leader of it. Besides leading the project, Duo Bacco’s responsibility were architectural and construction design, technological and mechanical design and fire protection design, for which we hired a contractor – company Pro-energo from Novi Sad.

Our consortium partners are companies Elnos BL (electricity design) and IMG (C&I design).

General project and the pre-feasibility study have been approved by the audit committee of the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection. In accordance with the new Law on planning and construction, our consortium has developed technical documentation of conceptual solutions after which they issued location requirements for the site in question. Simultaneously a basic design has been produced and it is currently on internal audit with the investor. The completion of work is planned for the end of February, after which the last step of the entire project is obtaining the necessary permits.

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